Jedi at Last…and Porgs

The new Star Wars trailer debuted during Monday night football. Yeah, you heard me…MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL! It was the first time in the history of the world when every nerd everywhere was watching football!

And that’s not even the most talked about part!

But before I go into all the buzz and my thoughts on the trailer, let me just tell you a little secret…..

I’m a nerd. 

Yeah. Shocking, isn’t it?

Look, you were bound to find out sometime. Better it come from me than you hearing it on the streets.

What was that?

Oh….?   You already knew?! 😳 Well, isn’t this embarrassing?

The video gaming gave it away, didnt’ it? I should have been more discrete. *Sigh* Oh well….at least we don’t have to pretend anymore.

I’m a nerd.

You know I’m a nerd.

We all know I’m a nerd.

So…now that we’re all on the same page, let’s geek out about Star Wars!!!

There are a myriad of Star Wars bloggers, commentators, analysts, and video bloggers on the internet, and I do not regularly read, listened to, or watch any of them. But I did catch some of the chatter after the trailer dropped (as they say in the business). There was much speculation on who was talking to who and why. All the usual wild theories started popping up like meerkats on the savanna.

Most of the “experts” were already trying to make huge plot predictions based on the conversations that appeared to be happening in the trailer, but all I can think is….

It’s a trailer, guys! It’s entire purpose is to tease, confuse, comfuscate…..basically……generate interest. If it gave away all the answers, there would be no reason to see the movie.

Here’s the way I see it:

Everything in this trailer pushes us to the conclusion that Luke is going to refuse to teach Rey about the Force. There is the line about “raw strength” and Luke not being scared “enough,” but that’s all you get. That statement alone does not mean he is refusing. That may be part of the negotiating that he does with himself before he ultimately accepts. There is the seeming conversation between Kylo Ren and Rey in which he extends his hand in a helpful gesture, but again there is not much to go on. You can’t really say for sure if this conversation actually takes place face to face. I will admit, it does seem legit, but it could be some kind of vision or something. That conversation could be yet another thing that actually pushes Luke to be more involved than he would like. And let’s not forget the fact that Luke is hiding from everyone by being on that remote planet in the first place. I mean, nothing says reluctant teacher more than disappearing from society for years, but even this doesn’t guarantee Luke won’t mentor Rey. Yoda was reluctant to teach Luke, but he did it anyway.

The point I am making is movie trailers are meant to excite and even mislead. I don’t see too much point in trying to figure out the entire plot based solely on a couple of minutes of randomly edited footage, and quite frankly, I would be disappointed if we could. I am hoping for surprises in this movie, and I’m suspicious to accept the conclusion the trailer is pushing us to come to.

But in all this chatter, let’s not overlook the truly controversial part of this trailer.


Yes! Porgs are everywhere! They are already being billed as the next Ewoks, and Disney sure hasn’t wasted any time in capitalizing on their cute, fury little faces. Just walk down the toy aisles at your local superstore, and you will see what I mean.

I don’t want to sound completely anti-Porg, here. I am just cautious. That little, soulful-eyed creature appears for only about two seconds in the entire trailer, and all it’s doing is screaming. I am just saying, I would like to reserve judgement about this puffin/pug-like thing until I get to “meet” him. How can Disney expect me to warm up to that little, squeaky, fluffy pile of space cuteness before I even know his name?

Aww, who am I kidding? Just look at that sweet little face!!!

Yikes! I’m falling for it already!

All Porgs aside, I am excited about this movie. The trailer did exactly what movie trailers should do. It generated interest, it revealed just enough information to create questions and spark conversation, and it promised some pretty epic battles.

I can’t wait to see it!

Oh, and it had space foxes…….SPACE FOXES!!!



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  1. I don’t know what to comment about except I think Porgs look like half rabbit and half squirrel. Not sure if those little creatures are cute, but they are interesting.

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